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The Answer to Longer, Thicker, Darker Lashes

Our eyelashes protect our eyes from dust, debris, and other objects. They keep our eyes healthy by preventing tear evaporation and keeping our eyes lubricated. They also act like human whiskers by triggering a blink reflex when something comes near our eyes.They’re also a core part of our features and can highlight our eyes and define our look. We treasure long, thick, dark eyelashes, but not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally dramatic eyelashes. We can rely on products like mascara to add colour or synthetic eyelashes to add length and number, but LATISSE® can help our natural eyelashes grow longer, darker, and thicker all on their own.

Is LATISSE Right for You?

The best way to know if LATISSE is right for you is by booking an appointment and speaking to one of our optometrists. We can answer all of your questions and provide our recommendations to keep your eyes safe and happy while bringing out your naturally beautiful lashes.


LATISSE is a topical medication that improves the look of eyelashes and has been approved for cosmetic use in Canada since the early 2000s. It works by extending the length of time your eyelashes grow as well as the number of eyelashes that grow. 

LATISSE comes as a prescription serum designed to be applied along the lid line at night. You’ll start to see improvements after about 4 to 16 weeks of continuous use. Effects are temporary, so your eyelashes will slowly fade back to their natural colour and length if you stop using LATISSE.

Are There Side Effects of LATISSE?

LATISSE is both safe and effective, but like any medication, there are some possible side effects, including:

  • Itchy or red eyes
  • Darkening of the skin of the eyelid
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye dryness

In rare cases, some permanent iris pigmentation can occur.

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We serve clients of all ages from Wainwright, Viking, Vermilion, Provost, Lloydminster (Alberta), Macklin (Saskatchewan), and the surrounding areas.

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Closed for all statutory holidays

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