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Thorough Exams Protect Your Future Vision

Unlike a vision screening, a comprehensive eye exam can only be performed by an eye doctor. Our detailed process and high-end technology allow us to evaluate your ocular health and detect early signs of eye diseases or conditions. Once we have your results, we can address any visual concerns and help guide you towards improved vision.

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How Often Should I Have an Eye Exam?

Regular visits to the optometrist are your best defence against progressive eye conditions. Sometimes, ocular problems emerge without showing symptoms, so routine checkups are essential even when you think all is well with your eyes.

At Prairie Vision, we align with the guidelines for eye exam frequency set out by the Canadian Optometric Association, which are as follows:

  • Adults 20 to 39 should have an eye exam every 2 to 3 years
  • Adults 40 to 64 years should have an eye exam every 2 years
  • Adults 65 years or older should have an eye exam every year

The guidelines above cover patients who are low risk or asymptomatic. If you have preexisting medical conditions or are at-risk, your eye exam frequency may be adjusted. Please discuss your medical history with your optometrist so they can recommend an eye exam schedule suited to your needs.

What to Expect from an Eye Exam at Prairie Vision

When you walk into our office in Wainwright, our team at the welcome centre will greet you and invite you to check in. While you wait for your appointment, enjoy the at-home feel of our office decked out with a cozy fireplace and comfortable leather chairs. 

First, you enter the pretesting area, where some preliminary assessments will be done before you move into the exam room. Here, the eye doctor will meet you to discuss your medical history and any visual concerns you have. 

During your eye health assessment at Prairie Vision, our doctors will:

  • Assess whether there are underlying causes for vision problems
  • Detect any signs of eye disease that may threaten your sight or eye health
  • Diagnose symptoms of other health conditions
  • Provide you with an accurate eyeglass or contact lens prescription

Our professional and knowledgeable doctors use the latest eye care technology in our detailed exams, and they thoroughly explain their findings to ensure you feel confident when you leave. After your exam, you will receive recommendations based on your results to maintain the best vision possible for the long term.

When you finish in the exam room, our staff will lead you to the dispensary and eyewear gallery. Here, you can browse our vast collection of fashion-forward eyeglass frames and sunglasses while catching glimpses out the window over the town of Wainwright.

Preparing for Your Eye Exam

  • Bring your Alberta Personal Health Card and any third-party private insurance cards
  • Bring your current glasses and sunglasses
  • If you are a contact lens wearer, please wear your contact lenses to your appointment & bring your glasses
  • Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking
  • If you have third-party insurance, check your coverage and bring your plan information (check our list of accepted insurance providers or get in touch if you have questions)

Stop by Prairie Vision for Your Next Eye Exam

Don’t wait until symptoms appear to have an optometrist evaluate your eye health. The Prairie Vision team awaits your next visit—we can’t wait to see you!

Our Location

We serve clients of all ages from Wainwright, Viking, Vermilion, Provost, Lloydminster (Alberta), Macklin (Saskatchewan), and the surrounding areas.

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Closed for all statutory holidays

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